Assessment of the possibility of using some construction waste in the recultivation of disturbed territories


Mariya Vladimirovna Shershneva, Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor;

E.M. Bodenko, graduate student

FSBEI of HE Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State 
Transport University, PGUPS, St. Petersburg, Russia


Abstract. The relevance of the problem under study is related to the need to reclaim disturbed areas formed as a result of construction activities, on the other hand, to solve the problem of recycling some building waste. Geoecological, technological and economic forecasting of multimodal logistics of urban agglomeration demolition products allows to develop the most optimal schemes of their useful use. As a result of research, mathematical models have been developed for predicting the formation of a transport and logistics chain for the removal of demolition products from objects. The work has developed a scheme for choosing a method of moving demolition products depending on the range of the burial place for making substantiating decisions on their removal in the process of designing measures for the reclamation of granite quarries from the point of view of geoecological and economic expediency.

Key words: demolition products, logistics, reclamation, model, granite quarry.