Modern developments of air heating systems



Kirill Pavlovich Zubarev, Cand.Tech.Sci., senior lecturer of the Department «Heat and Ventilation», associate Professor 
of the Department «General and applied physics» FGBOU VO «National research Moscow State Construction 
University» (NIU MGSU), Moscow, Russia,
Senior Researcher of the Laboratory No. 12 «Building physics» FSBI «Scientific and research Institute 
of building physics RAASC» (NIISF RAASC), Russia, Moscow
Associate Professor of the Department of Construction of the Engineering Academy of the FSAEI HE Peoples’ 
Friendship University of Russia (RUDN), Russia, Moscow

Kirill Gennadyevich Pikalov, student of the Institute of Environmental Engineering and Mechanization of the 
National Research Moscow State University of Civil Engineering (NIU MGSU) Russia, Moscow


Abstract. Modern researches on air heating systems have been introduced. The air heating system for the shopping center that makes it possible to reduce costs proposed by T.N. Ilyina has been considered. The possibility of using air heating units combined with solar collectors introduced by Polish scientists from the Krakow University of Technology is described. It is demonstrated that the usage of modern air monitoring sensors helps to increase people’s comfort inside the building and reduce energy consumption for air heating.

Key words: air heating, an air heating unit, heating is combined with ventilation, air monitoring sensors, a solar collector.