Analysis of price factors, as well as external factors influencing the value of real estate in the Kursk region


Tatiana Mikhailovna Novikova, is an assistant professor in the Department of «Expertise and Management of Real Estate, Mining,» Ph.D.;

Alexey Pavlovic Volik, Bachelor of Construction and Architecture of the Direction «Expertise and Management of Real Estate,»

Southwest State University, Russia, Kursk


Abstract. Over the past twenty years, the change in property prices has been volatile for multiple reasons. The article analyzes the events in the twenty-year dynamics in the Kursk region level, which have been poured into the pricing of the real estate market, the main factors influencing the value of real estate have been identified.

Themain purpose of the article is to analyze the price dynamics in the Kursk region’s real estate market over the past twenty years, highlighting the main factors that influence.

The main objectives of the article are to identify factors that influence the dynamics of real estate prices in the Kursk region.

The methodological basis of the article is based on a systematic approach, as well as methods of analysis and synthesis of multiple indicators of the real estate market of the Kursk region.  

The results of the article are included in the allocation of the main determinants of price-forming factorsin the real estate market of the Kurskregion.

Key words:real estate market, price dynamics, property values, price factors.