Consideration the factors of aging and long-term mechanical impact in predicting the durability of wood composites


Semyon Alexandrovich Mamontov, Senior Lecturer;

Alexander Alexandrovich Mamontov, Senior Lecturer;

Olesya Anatolyevna Kiseleva, Cand.Tech.Sci., Associate Professor

Department of «Construction of Buildings 
and Structures», Tambov State Technical University, Tambov, Russia


Abstract. Today, in order to increase the efficiency of the applied design solutions, engineers and scientists are increasingly turning to methods for designing structures with a given service life.  They are based on various techniques for assessing and predicting the resistance of materials to climatic influences.

The paper describes the technique proposed by the authors for predicting the durability of wood composites. The technique is taken into account the degradation of the material under the influence of aging factors during prolonged mechanical loading. The basis of the technique is the thermo fluctuation theory of fracture and deformation of solids.

The authors have tested this technique on the example of accelerated laboratory aging of plywood. The results of durability assessment are presented in the final part of the paper.

Key words: wood composites, aging, forecasting methods, durability.