Development of a solution and installation of a curved 
system of a sailing dome structure


M.S. Abu­-Khassan, Doc.Tech.Sci, Professor,

N.V. Rozantseva, lecturer, Candidate of Technical Sciences;

V.V. Veselov, Candidate of Technical Sciences, docent;

L.R. Kuprava, Candidate of Technical Sciences, docen;

FSBEI of HE Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State 
Transport University, PGUPS, St. Petersburg, Russia


Abstract. The article is devoted to the space-planning and structural solution of dome structures for the regions of the Far North. The article analyzes the predecessors of these design solutions, highlights important aspects of bioarchitecture, the possibility of widespread use of this style, and reveals the existing problems. A solution for the construction of quick-assembly structures is proposed, which allows the wide application of the developed solutions for the active development of the Far North regions. The possibility of manufacturing planning and structural elements is proposed.

Key words: regions of the Far North, dome structures, bioarchitecture, quick-assembly structures, LVL timber, 3d printing.