Search for a rational form of internal reinforcement made of a composite material 
of a hybrid structure construction beam


Vladimir Viktorovich Egorov, Doc.Techn.Sci., Professor,

Mahmoud Samievich Abu­-Khasan, Doc.Techn.Sci., Professor;

Alexander Mikhailovich Fedorov, graduate student

FSBEI of HE Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State 
Transport University, PGUPS, St. Petersburg, Russia


Abstract. The article contains the search and analysis of the rational form of internal type of composite reinforcement of the single-span beam with 2 walls made of steel. The existing methods of manufacturing for composite materials are considered, the assessment of the possibility of their usage for the manufacture of composite elements, having an opening in cross section are made. Calculations of a number of models in the software-complex Ansys are made, with the subsequent analysis of the obtained results. 4 variants of possible forms of internal type composite reinforcement are considered. The increase in the load bearing capacity of the reinforced sections of the hybrid-type beam is estimated according to criterion of ultimate normal stresses in the relation to the basic variant of the steel beam made without any reinforcement. The optimal shape of the internal type of reinforcement with a composite material has been determined, which provides a sufficient increase in the bearing capacity at the lowest consumption of the composite material.

Key words:  building structures, hybrid structures, composite structures, reinforcing of the beam structures, composite materials, composite manufacturing technology, buildings, structures, structures reliability, software-computing complex