Research of epoxy composites cured in a magnetic field
by x­ray fluorescence analysis (XRFA)



Andrey Valentinovich Matrosov, Associate Professor of the Department of Buildings, Structures and Highways, Cand.Sci.(Eng.), Associate Professor;

Ekaterina Andreevna Matrosova, Bachelor’s student of the Faculty of Architecture and Civil Engineering of the direction «Architectural design»

Ogarev Mordovia State University, Russia, Saransk


Abstract. The article describes the study of the influence of weak electromagnetic fields on the structure of the material as well as on the properties of polymer composite materials filled with a magnetically containing filler. A graphical interpretation of the X­ray diffraction patterns of samples solidified in a magnetic field at different amperage depending on time.


Key words: polymers, hardening time, amperage, x­ray.