Search for rational forms of reinforcing composite elements of the hybrid beam building structures


Vladimir Viktorovich Egorov, Doc.Techn.Sci., Professor,

Mahmoud Samievich Abu­-Khasan, Doc.Techn.Sci., Professor;

Alexander Mikhailovich Fedorov, graduate student

FSBEI of HE Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State 
Transport University, PGUPS, St. Petersburg, Russia


Abstract. In the article search of the rational composite plate forms, increasing stability of steel walls of the single-span hybrid beam structures are performed. The analysis of critical situations, due to which loss of stability are possible, with an assessment of existing technical solutions preventing dangerous situations, are made. An alternative option for increasing stability of the steel parts of the beam with usage of composite plates is proposed. Two types of calculations for searching of dangerous zones of possible buckling are made: analytical and software calculation in the Ansys software-computing complex.  Possible forms of losing stability of the steel wall of the one-span beam are analyzed. Based on the calculations results the search of rational form of reinforcing composite plate according to criteria of the ratio of sufficient growth of the system stability to the lowest consumption of composite material are made. 

Key words: buildings, constructions, building structures, hybrid structures, composite structures, beam structures, composite material, stability, increasing of stability, buckling, software-computing complex Ansys.