Aspects of the application of the torcretion technology 



V.I. Krysanov, graduate student of the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction Production;

D.V. Shishkunova, lecturer of the Department of 
Resistance of Materials;

R.R. Kazaryan, Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor of the Department of Technology and Organization of Construction Production

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
(National Research University), Russia, Moscow


Abstract. The article presents one of the most rational methods for constructing reinforced concrete structures of buildings and structures using technological processes (in particular, the composition of materials) of gunning and means of complex mechanization to increase the element base of the quality system and reduce construction labor costs. The main technological and organizational elements of the device of monolithic building structures by the gunning method are considered. The introduction of innovative technologies into the process of monolithic construction production by the gunning method can ensure the creation of structures with a higher profitability.

Key words: shotcrete, shotcrete – concrete, wet concrete, pneumatic concrete, spraying – concrete, “eco­concrete” mixtures, reinforcement, fibers, additives, “cement gun”, nozzle, “shotcrete – plasters”.