Classification of lithospheric detoxification processes



M.S. Abu-­Khassan, Doc.Tech.Sci, Professor;

A.S. Sakharova, Cand.Tech.Sci, Associate Professor;

A.S. Yelchugina, Engineer;

Yu.I. Makarov, Senior Lecturer;

R. Abu­-Khassan, EngineerFSBEI of HE Emperor Alexander I St. Petersburg State 
Transport University, PGUPS, St. Petersburg, Russia


Abstract. The classification of detoxification processes in the lithosphere according to the reagent used is given and examples of possible detoxification of heavy metal ions in soil strengthening technologies, taking into account the action of geoecochemical reactions, are presented.


Key words: detoxification, classification, lithosphere, process, geoecochemistry, reaction, protection.