Advanced technologies of reinforced concrete strengthening during construction renewal


Anastasia Aleksandrovna Yakovleva, Master’s student of the Technology and Organization of Construction Production Department; 

Ruben Raphaelovich Kazaryan, Doc.Tech.Sci., Professor of the Technology and Organization of Construction Production Department;

Moscow State University of Civil Engineering
(National Research University), Russia, Moscow


Abstract. Modern construction uses various technologies to strengthen reinforced concrete beams. The article discusses these methods, their advantages and applications. Composite materials with an inorganic matrix have the following field of application: 1) structural reinforcement of external and internal facade walls; 2)  reinforcement and reinforcement of concrete and masonry for uniform distribution of stresses caused by seismic activity; 3) strengthening, reinforcement and ensuring maximum adhesion between the supporting structures.Today, the strengthening of reinforced concrete structures of monolithic buildings is one of the cardinal issues of modern construction production. Continuously improving technologies allow the use of compositions from polymer binders due to their properties. The analytical review in this work indicates a number of advantages in comparison with other structural elements,  regarding the strengthening of buildings and structures, which will ensure the development of reinforcement technologies with modern compositions. as a promising direction for improving construction processes.

Key words:strengthening of building structures; reconstruction of facilities; Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) system, Fiber Reinforced Grout (FRG) system, reinforced concrete beams, composite materials, reinforcement.