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In Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Russia       

In the Government of the Russian Federation  

In Ministry of Construction, Architecture and Housing of Russia        

The Ministry of labour and social protection          

Approval of professional standards    

In National Classifications Development Agency ANO   

VI Russia­wide Meeting of State Expertise Organizations        



Problems, searches, decisions               

Reduction of project documentation production costs by reduction of number of inconsistencies...

The state cadastral assessment of capital construction f acilities in 2020 in the Kursk region


Reliability of building structures          

Fatigue damages of anchor dowel of curtain wall systems under cyclical influences

The use of composite materials in bridge­building


Innovative development            

A hybrid design of crane runway beams


Energy efficiency and ecology    

Energy­saving technologies based on capillary­porous condensation

Study of the performance characteristics of pumps on sewage sludge


Safety of the habitat       

Data transmission protocols combination for residential automation project cost reduction



БСТ 02, 2021
Подписка на БСТ на первое полугодие 2021 г.
Учебное пособие. Технологические процессы в строительстве.
Монография. Сжатые трубобетонные элементы. Теория и практика.